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Welcome to Exquisito Catering!

Exquisito Catering is a family owned and operated catering company established in 2012. Our goal is to work together with our customers in order to make your event come to fruition with an unforgettable experience on a friendly budget with delicious cuisine, great service, and beautiful decor.

We pride ourselves in offering customized menus for all occasions in order to meet your vision for your event. Whether you have a dish in mind or need help deciding what to serve at your event, we will guide you through your options and help you find the perfect dish.

We offer full service catering for all events including: Fruit Displays, Appetizers, Personalized Dishes, Desserts and Cakes, Candy Tables, and Bartending.

Contact us for more information or to set an appointment for a complimentary food tasting here.

Bon appetit!

"Food is so personal - I mean someone is talking to you when people are cooking for you. I like to hear an identifiable voice." - Anthony Bourdain


Bienvenidos a Exquisito Catering!

Exquisito Catering es un negocio familiar establecido en el 2012. Nuestra ambición siempre ha sido trabajar juntos con nuestros clientes para hacer una experiencia inolvidable con comidas deliciosas, decoraciones al estilo, y servicio excelente a precios razonables.

Ofrecemos comidas personalizadas para todas ocasiones. Nosotros les ayudaremos escoger un platillo perfecto para su evento con varias opciones para seleccionar.

Nuestro equipo ofrece servicios de comidas para todas ocasiones incluyendo: Platillos de Frutas, Botanas, Comidas Personalizadas, Postres y Pasteles, Mesas de Dulces, y Servicios de Bebidas.

Contáctenos para mas información o para hacer una cita para probar nuestras comidas completamente gratis.

Buen provecho!

“Una receta no tiene alma, es el cocinero quien debe darle alma a la receta.” -Tomás Keller